Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a real estate appraisal and consultation service in an accurate, cost effective, and timely manner. We are committed to a high level of quality control, continuing education, an office teamwork concept, and the advancement of new appraisal methodology and technology to facilitate an expedient, objective, unbiased, and accurate appraisal service.

Our Values

Accuracy - Our highest priority is to provide an accurate and well-supported value estimate. Accuracy is key to preparing credible assignment results for any type of valuation service.

Customer Service - ASI is proud to serve clients from all facets of the real estate business. No matter the client, we strive to provide a professional, accurate appraisal in a timely manner.

Integrity - It is our goal to provide unbiased, impartial opinions in all our appraisal services.

Leadership - Our company is continually evolving to meet the unique and changing needs of our clients. We utilize the most current technology, methodology, and ideology in the industry. Members of our team consistently serve in various leadership roles with regional and national industry associations in order to ensure